Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Shade Garden

September 19th, 2012:

We went to visit with Gayle from the Humane Society of East Texas (HSOET) today. They are a no kill shelter in Tyler TX. Gayle showed us her new spay/neuter clinic that is open to the public once a week and also spay/neuters the animals at their location.https://www.facebook.com/HSOET.ORG

Outside Kennel Area

Dog building with inside and outside runs

September 21st, 2012:

Jack was adopted today by Ellen and her family. The have two other dogs who Jack meet tonight. He was not happy with the car ride since the only times he has left the rescue was to be vetted or to have his nails cut. He is such a sweet dog. We stayed for awhile with him in his new home. His new family was so patient with him. The gave him plenty of time to feel comfortable with everything. Thank you Ellen!

September 22nd, 2012:

Last week we had an inquiry about Jack. The Pyrenees healer mix we have had for almost two years. He has now been adopted.

Then we had one of Leah Welch Knickerbocker's students parents inquiring about Savannah another dog we have had for almost the same amount of time. We have grown very fond of both of them. That is why we are doing the micro chipping Chipin. We want to make sure all of the animals that we adopt out are micro chipped. 

Joe the supervisor from the Carrollton Shelter has told us about dogs that have been at his shelter that were micro chipped but their information was not current. He told us the last step is to send out a certified letter to the address that was registered on the micro chip account. He said it was a time consuming process that buys time for the animal.

We have helped with and heard of so many missing dog and cat situations over the last two years. To have a scanner on location would be so helpful to us as well as this community.

It costs around $20 to micro chip your pet. Please consider how little that amount would mean to you if you had to spend just one night worrying about a lost pet. Please consider micro chipping your pets now and making a donation to our efforts to micro chip the animals at the rescue. Thank you!


Micro Chipping Saves Lives! Please help us get a universal scanner as well as 25 micro chips for the animals at the rescue!


Please Share! Thank you!

September 24th, 2012:

Last week I went out to the Humane Society of East Texas, HSOET. Gayle took us on a tour and showed us her beautiful place. She shared with us how they did a fund raiser with paving stones, plaques and heavy metal park benches. They asked for donations and bought the stones, benches etc and had them engraved per the request of the person or persons making the donations. Some of them said a family's or businesses name and others were in memory of a loving pet. They raised the money they needed for the building that now houses their spay/neuter clinic.

I loved the idea but really was not sure how to incorporate that into this rescue.

Then Ellen and Wayne Malone adopted Jack. The Pyrenees healer mix I have had for almost two years. When we took Jack to their home for a meet and greet 
we sat outside on the front porch and just feel in love with their garden.

It has stayed in my mind and became the inspiration for our newest project. The Shade Garden.

This is a garden that will be planted just to the west of the dog pens. It will provide the dogs with much needed shade during the long hot summer months. It will also be an area where volunteers can rest and visitors can spend time with the dogs at the rescue.

The walk way will be paved with paving stones that will be engraved per the request of the people or businesses that donated them. It will be lined with beautiful trees and park benches that will also be part of this fund raising project.

The donated Oak, Maple and Pecan trees will be planted around the walk way and will have engraved plaques at their base.

This project will provide much needed beauty at the rescue as well as life saving funds.

Here is a drawing of The future Shade Garden.