Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Feral Dogs

Feral Dogs

What is a feral dog? Feral means an animal is not domesticated. It grew up in the wild, under abandoned homes, or in the country, without human interaction. Feral does not necessarily mean aggressive. It just means the dog does not bond with humans. Feral dogs primary relationships are with other dogs.

Can a feral dog be domesticated? Yes with time and patience most feral dogs can learn to bond with humans.

What will it take to domesticate a feral dog? This depends on many factors. How feral the dog is and how willing it is to bond with a particular person. However the general answer to this question is yes. Feral dogs can be domesticated.

Training and working with feral dogs

There are many articles regarding working with feral dogs on the web. They can be found by doing a search for '
Feral Dog Rehabilitation' or 'What is a feral dog?'.

Socialization and human contact are going to be one of the highest priorities in training and working with feral dogs. Socialization is not to say to introduce strangers or other dogs to the feral dog. The dog does not need to be overwhelmed with stimulation. What is needed is slow, patient, and repeated one on one interaction. Don't rush the dog. Let the dog set the pace.

Feral dogs are usually fearful of people since living in a feral state can include negative experiences with people or other dogs. Often the processes of being trapped, put in cages, and brought to a rescue, can further distress the dog.

Mature feral dogs are more challenging to work with than puppies, but they can still learn to be wonderful pets.

The Justin Animal Alliance has successfully adopted out three adult feral dogs. Here is an article that was written up about the start of our rescue, under our rescue's original name, that refers to our first feral dog success story.

Currently we have three beautiful feral female Shepard mix dogs available for adoption. They are spayed, vaccinated, micro chipped and ready for adoption to a loving patient family that is willing to work with them.




Please contact us if you are interested in meeting one of our feral dogs. (940) 343-7848 or email


***For animals that are already spay/neutered, full set of shots, and micro chipped, our adoption fees are as follows; 

$70 for dogs over 50 Lbs
$60 for dogs under 50 Lbs
$40/$50 for cats and kittens
$25 for feral dogs of any size
$25 for barn cats

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