Monday, June 27, 2011

The Justin Animal Alliance

We started our rescue efforts around 7 months ago after seeing a stray dog starving on the street.  She had just had a litter so we did not try to catch her right away because of our concerns for her babies.  After feeding her for just over a month we did put up traps and were able to catch her and 8 of her babies.

Since then we have found several stay dogs living under abandoned homes out here in the country. It has become increasingly obvious that it is not possible to catch all of the feral dogs out here so we have decided to concentrate our efforts on spay and neutering and promoting responsible pet ownership.  This is important since a great number of the stray dogs out here are being impregnated by family pets that have not been neutered and are allowed to roam the streets.  Awareness maybe the only solution to this growing problem.

This is Samantha, our inspiration and a beautiful soul!  

We were able to rescue her and 8 of her puppies!

Please help put an end to the suffering!

Spay and neuter your dog and cat today!

There are many wonderful programs available.  Contact us or your local shelter for information on affordable spay and neuter options.

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  1. I think it's commendable that you are taking it upon yourself to "make that change" and help these animals. God Bless and good luck.