Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pictures of the Third Dog Pen we are adding.

 These are pictures of our shoe string budget rescue.  We have been putting together both donated and purchased fencing sections to make a third dog pen.  Each of our dog pens are ruffly 25x35 with 10x6 pens going into the big yards.  There are 4 or 5 large or medium dogs per pen.  We have pens in another section of the land for the smaller dogs and have started collecting the materials needed to build the cat pen.

We will be working on the third pen again this weekend if anyone is interested in volunteering.  We need 5 holes dug, dog houses painted, weeds cut, small areas mowed, fencing sections moved and assembled., and we would love to put up a few more trampoline tarps to shade the dog pens.  If anyone has an old trampoline tarp to donate (okay if it is ripped or has holes in it), has paint they can donate for the dog houses, or you would like to volunteer this weekend please email us at justinanimalalliance@yahoo.com.  Thank you!

This is a close up of the other pens before we started on the third dog pen.


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