Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lab Shar Pei's with Mange

These are the dogs we took in that have mange.

 They are really beautiful dogs.

They have been in a Doctors care since we got them for their mange. When the Dr. did the first skin scraping he could not find any mites so he said that it was probably Sarcoptic Mange which is contagious.  We treated them with Revelation.  Then we did the 2nd and 3rd skin scrapping and now we believe it is demodectic mange which is not contagious.  We are treating them with ivermectin per the Dr.  (Ivermectin is a poision.  Please use it with caution as it can kill a dog that is heart worm positive.  If you give the dog Ivermectin without checking to see if the dog has heart worms it can kill the worms too fast causing clots, or blockages in the dog that may lead to its death.  Please use with caution.)

We are continuing them on this treatment as well as a medical bath with Sulfur shampoo but we are adding a new product we heard about from a waiter in Grapevine, NU-STOCK.

It is sold over the counter in Feed Stores and is for Sarcoptic Mange.  So far we have only used it on Savannah as she has the worst case of mange in the litter.  She is already looking better.  Her hair is growing back under her neck.  NU-STOCK is 73% Sulfur and STINKS!  The rest of the ingredients are Pine and Mineral Oils.  Savannah loves having it rubbed on her and does not seem to mind the smell.  (I do!)

There are 5 young adults in this litter and they are all very sweet dogs.  Two males (Leo and Sam) that are neutered already and three females (Chloe, China and Savannah) that are not spayed yet.  They are available for adoption but if you have other animals or can not give them daily care for the mange you may want to wait until it is completely treated.  We welcome volunteers to give them medical baths!

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